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New user here! I apologize if this has already been answered, I couldn’t seem to find the right terms in the search bar to find an answer.

I work at an Escape Room and I set up a phone using a PAP2T and a Raspberry Pi. My goal was to have multiple phone numbers players could dial and a recording would be played when they do. Everything works great, dial tone, the phone picks up and plays a recorded .wav file. The issue is that there is a considerable delay between dialing a number and when the phone starts ringing. I’m not sure if this is normal behavior or if I have some setting wrong that is delaying the connection.

Any help you can offer is appreciated! Thanks!

You need to tweak the dial pattern (or digit map) of the ATA.

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That was exactly the problem, from a 10+ second delay to no more than 2 seconds. Thank you!

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Dial Plan info starts on page 56.

For example, if players dial a 3-digit code to select a recording, a Dial Plan of
( xxx )
would send the call to FreePBX as soon as the third digit is dialed.

If figuring out what to dial is part of the puzzle, you can set up the dial plan to provide clues, e.g. play a reorder tone as soon as a sequence is entered that could not be valid.

Or, you could set it up to avoid giving any hints, e.g. send the call to FreePBX after no more digits have been received for 3 seconds.

If your room includes serious physical challenges, consider having 911 work, either to alert the gamemaster, or actually calling 911.

Possibly, you could allow players to make real calls, e.g. to a friend to get help with a puzzle involving math they don’t know. FreePBX could limit the number or duration of calls as desired.

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