CallForward someone elses extension

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I’d like to have a way for different people to be able to be the “receptionist of the day”. I was thinking (maybe wrongfully) that I would create an extension that no phone would register to. If person A is the receptionist of the day, they would dial a feature code and then for that unused extension call forward it to their extension.

I don’t seem to find a way to do this from the phone itself.

Do you guys know if this is possible and/or there is another way to accomplish what I am trying to do ?

Thanks in advance.


It’s somewhat awkward, but dialing *93, then 1035# and then 1046# will set ext. 1035 to forward to 1046. If your devices permit, you could set up a speed dial key on each of the relevant phones that calls *93, then sends 1035#1046# as DTMF, where 1035 is the virtual extension and 1046 is the user’s extension.

Otherwise, you could write a little custom dialplan triggered by a feature code, similar to what the ‘Call Forwarding All Prompting Activate’ (*93) runs. It would have the extension to forward hard coded and use the caller ID as the target.

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Thank you!