Callflowcontrol state / solved

Hi @all,

how do i check the state of a CFC. But not through logging on theFreepbx GUI.

Is there any way to solve this issue, something like:
asterisk -rx “pjsip show endpoints”
asterisk -rx “callflowcontrol show state” :wink:
and i could grep on the cli the state of cfc280/cfc281/etc., if night or day is active?

Thx in advance for any idea, help

The current state of ‘CallFlows’ are maintained in the sqlite3 astdb database,

rasterisk -x 'database show'

for the whole shebang, you can ‘show’ ‘showkey’ and ‘get’ subsets of the database.

asterisk -x "database show DAYNIGHT"

Hi dicko,

you are fast as a lightning. Thx.
I did what you told me, but on the first sight, something like this:

…ER, SUBSCRIBE, REFER, PUBLISH, UPDATE, MESSAGE\r\nAccept: application/dialog-info+xml\r\nMax-Forwards: 70\r\nUser-Agent: Yealin …

A lot of strange, for me unreadable output. But after piping it, i could read it. But not keywords like callflow…,

I found TC = timeconditions (?) and a litte bit above bingo



Thank You.

Hi Igaetz,

a little bit shorter:

asterisk -x “database show DAYNIGHT”
shows me:

2 results found.
Asterisk ending (0).

Thank you too.

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