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With the advent of Dynamic Routes, I have been trying to do more in the GUI, without touching custom dial plan. I have a call file, and I am wondering what you guys think the best way to hook into the GUI is to kick off a call flow so that everyone can see what’s happening, regardless of knowing dialplan or not.

Any ideas? A misc. application that goes to the next step? Or something else?

So we can understand the context, show us your call file.

it’s a basic call file. I am essentially trying to figure out a way to make something in the GUI that I could send the callfile to.

Channel: local/###########@from-internal
Callerid: ##########
Context: ?
Extension: ?
Priority: ?
Set: TTSVar="This is a TTS Test"

There is currently no supported way to originate a call using the GUI, nor the API. Unsupported methods include what you’re doing with call files, as wall as connecting via AMI.

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Not trying to originate a call, I have the call file for that. I want the call file to send the caller to an object in the GUI for further treatment.

Got it. In that case you can bridge the call to

Context: from-internal
Extension: <digits>
Priority: 1

where the digits are anything that’s already defined in the GUI such as an extension, ring group, queue, feature code, etc. For any GUI destination that does not have a dial string, you can create one with a Misc Application.


This was it. Thanks!

But the context and the extension are important, that context will determine when/how to connect and what to do then

@dicko So if I made a Misc App, extension 9999999999, how would I point the call file to it?


The context is from-internal, the extension 99999999999, exactly as @lgaetz previously told you

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