Callers routed to wrong queue

I’m running a Sangoma UC 25, PBXact 15.0.21. I have three queues set up for three different locations. One of the locations is complaining that they are getting calls for a different location. Only one of the three locations seems to have this problem. I’ve checked the obvious like making sure the extensions for the one location isn’t a member of the other location’s queue.

The set up is basically like this, I have inbound routes that go to a time condition to see if the venue is open. If it is, it goes to an IVR where they can select 1 to go to a queue. I have “Enable Direct Dial” disabled.

I’m waiting on the complaining location to provide a phone number for one of the calls. Any suggestions on what else I should be looking for or some troubleshooting steps to take?

Once you have a specific trouble call, you can isolate a full call trace from the CDR entry using the instructions here.

With queue calls there will be a lot of lines, so if you need assistance reading it, share it via a pastebin link.

Here’s the paste bin link for the log data.

That’s a fragment of a call trace. There’s nothing you can do with that. You need the part where the call arrives at the pbx and gets route to the queue.

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