Callers not leaving Voicemail reports

Hello Community,

I have installed the latest FreePBX distro, and our call center will be going live soon. After years of playing with FreePBX, its nice to finally go production.

I have played around with call reporting, and Call Event Logging, and I understand there is Queue reporting. I don’t know that any of these are doing exactly what I need. Most likely we will have to program something manually.

Here is what I want.

When someone calls in to our IVR, and they get forwarded to Voicemail, either by design, or because someone didn’t answer, we would like to know when a caller gets to our voicemail system, but doesn’t leave a Voicemail.

So like a notification of this occurrence. “999-555-5555 called Ext 105 and didn’t leave a voicemail at 9-5-2019 at 10:15am”

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Or is it even possible?

There is a commercial module called Voicemail Reports that will let you see and listen to voicemails on the system, including their duration. It doesn’t fit getting a notification, though.

There is an informational text file created with each left voicemail that contains, among other things, the duration of the voicemail. You could create a script that checks these, parses the duration and if the duration is less than x seconds send an email with the call info you want (which is stored in this file).

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I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood. We have already created a custom monitor that watches the voicemail directory for a user, and then notifies us when new voicemails are received.

What I am asking for is a notification for when someone calls, but doesn’t leave a voicemail. They get to the announcement where they can leave a voicemail, but then hangup before a voicemail recording has began.



Why don’t you use the built in Voicemail to Email?

Two options:

  1. Instead of sending the calls to voicemail, send it first to a custom destination which will monitor if the caller leaves a message.
  2. Use the Hangup handler to check if the caller left a message. technically you can use option 1 to add the SIP Header for the hangup handler.


Hey Pitzkey,

Thank you for the references, I will take a look and follow up.

Regarding the custom notification we setup, this monitor is for RocketChat notifications. We have chat channels for a specific group of people, so that they all receive the voicemail notification at once, and can then collaborate through a single point of contact/reference. They can also listen to the voicemail in the channel.

We also use the built-in email notifications where applicable.

We have another need where we will transcribe the voicemail and have it create a ticket in our ticketing system. All fun stuff.



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