Callers lose there place in queue

OK, I have a customer here that just told me he called, started out as number 3 in queue, came up to number 1, then instead of getting answered, it kicked him back to number 5.

  1. What is causing this?
  2. How do I trace the call to see how this is happening? I went to CDR Reports and hit search for the last month but nothing shows up. They go through 100s of calls so I know there should be tons of calls.
    And when I got to Call Event Logging, I get an Orange bar that pops up at the top that says SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘asteriskcdrdb.cel’ doesn’t exist

One thing I noticed is the Cpu useage is at 100% and Mem load average is 9.02.
Asterisk 13.38.1
System Version 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
There are updates available but I’ll have to run them after hours.

100% CPU utilization should be addresses sooner rather than later as it can impact various functions. Do you have virtual queues, or other forms of prioritization or penalty that could impact the next call that goes to a rep?

There are no virtual queues, that feature isn’t licensed.
The calls are to be answered in the order they called in. I can post screenshots if that helps.

If you have the full log of the call, it might be worth looking at. Are the agents signed into multiple queues? Do the agents have different penalties? Do queue failovers go to other queues?

Agents are signed into multiple queues.
All queues failover destination is to an IVR with the day greeting.
Queue Penalty Rules are not licensed.

Agent penalties in queues do not need to be licensed.

You likely going to need to review the logs to determine what happened. Otherwise we are just guessing.

Under Capacity Options, Max Callers are set to 15, Join Empty: Strict, Leave Empty:No
and Penalty Members Limit is Honor Penalties. Those settings are the same for all 3 queues.
What’s the best way to view the logs? Like I said, the CDR reports doesn’t show anything.

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