Callers ID does not show phone number

When someone calls my lines it doesn’t show the caller ID but just “unknown number”.
What must I do to get it to show the incoming CID/number?

That depends on a lot of stuff:

  1. Are you expecting a CID from your provider?
  2. Do you have Caller ID Superfecta set up?
  3. How does your provider send CID?
  4. What technology are you using to connect your phone system to the world?
  1. I am assuming that it comes from my pstn provider

  2. I will say no because I do not even know what this is

  3. No Idea i will have to call and find out

  4. Not quite sure if I understand but I’m using dahdi

Sorry if i don’t answer as expected im new to this.

As a general rule - the more information you provide up front, the better the quality of our answers.

So, things like where you are and what kind of system you are running are handy. We’re all volunteers here, so we don’t have any way of knowing stuff about your system, even if you asked a question yesterday.

So, on DAHDI, the Caller ID information usually comes in “around” the first ring. Some providers send it as late as just before the second ring. Knowing how long that delay needs to be could help you catch the Caller ID when it’s sent.

Other technologies (SCCP, SIP, IAX2, etc.) send Caller ID in different ways using different formats. Each of those channel drivers handles CID.

Another interesting note: Caller ID is different than Direct InDial (or DID). The CID is the number of the person making the call, so it should always be different from your number (which is the DID). When working with DAHDI, DID has to be handled differently than other technologies because the DID isn’t actually sent from the provider - you already know your number, so why send it.

There is a Caller ID module called “Caller ID Superfecta” which gives you the capability of “filling in” the details of an inbound call if all you get is the CID Number. It’s include under the “Admin” tab and is always a good idea.

Okay Noted will try to give as much info I think is necessary in future posts.

So, if my provider sends the CID info later then the 1st ring then that could be the issue here yes?

Yes. There are different “personalities” for the phones that are based on locale too, so if you are in the US, your DAHDI config would be different than in you were in England or Luxembourg. There is a delay setting in the DAHDI config file that tells how long to wait to get the Caller ID. You want it as short as possible, but long enough to be sure to catch it. The phones will not start ringing until that timer has passed.

Ahh I see, but I thought all of this would be configured automatically. So then I could be that my Region is not selected.

Silly Rabbit, kicks are for trids… :wink:

No, you have to pretty much verify everything. Most of this stuff works more-or-less out of the box if you live in Seattle or Los Angeles, but everywhere else, you need to make sure the options you need are the options you use. Not saying the answers for most of the config stuff isn’t right, but DAHDI in particular can be a royal pain in the trunk to get working 100% right all of the time.

We’re here for you. If you have a specific question, we can probably help you with it.

So is it possible to edit dahdi config file and have it to listen for the Caller ID info on the second ring?

Talk to your provider and find out how they send Caller ID before you do anything. This is a “between them and you” thing.

My providers technicians can’t answer my question about the Caller ID info :confused:

Unfortunately nor can we, best would be to say which country your from and which provider you areusing, then either you or someone else can google it

I have been searching but can’t find anything.

Country is or should I say island is “St.Lucia” (Caribbean)
Provider is FLOW

Call 1800-804-2994, give them your account information, if no immediate resolution from level 1, just demand to be escalated, as you do that, get the name and employee ID of everyone you talk to on the way up the totem-pole , if anyone hangups on you, keep on calling until you get a valid answer, you are paying them for service, they are obligated to provide that information.

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They will just reroute me to a branch in my country then have me create a ticket then I will have to wait 3-5 working days. That’s how it works here unfortunately.

But that aside I went into my chan_dahdi.conf and strangely there are no parameters defined for handling the CID, there was only 1


I want to edit it but I’m still clueless as to what cidsignalling method my provider uses.

Would editing the file cause my calls to drop (I don’t think it would since it only relates to the caller ID but I need confirmation). If it doesn’t then I will try to edit for all 4 methods to see which one works for me.

A little more than 4 :wink:

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lol Yes I came across this page this morning. I just want to know if editing the config file would some how cause some down time.

It technically wont because nothing will change as far as asterisk is concerned .
In reality though, it will, because every time you commit a change to the Dahdi driver, then the whole of asterisk needs to be stopped and started, not just reloaded for it to take effect

It did cause a little downtime.

So i figured out that bellcore works for another client of mine but they don’t use freepbx.

Is bellcore the same as bell202(freepbx default scheme)? If it is then it should be working but it isn’t

Did idahdi_monitor sound like an old dial-up modem?

(I can’t speak for the FreePBX DAHDI helper in any way, form or fashion as I don’t use it)