CallerID Superfecta switch on or off, black or white

I did a few updates in the last couple weeks including a system update. I didn’t notice when it stopped working but phone numbers in my address book are just showing up as the number, not the callerID info from the address book like they were before.

I went to the CallerID Superfecta page but … I have what might be a stupid question. There is a switch under Actions that turns black or white as it’s switched from right to left. Which one is “on”? There’s no indication other than the color and I could see the color meaning either one.

Switching it makes no difference to my callerID problem. When I run the Test Scheme it finds the correct called ID when both turned white and when turned black. But when the call comes in, it’s still just a phone number.

If a number is set as a priority route in Inbound Routes, would that skip the CallerID?

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