CallerID Superfecta on Freepbx 13


I have a brand new FreePBX installation that I am trying to finish up before I migrate from an older server. I have having issues with CallerID SuperFecta - I rely on OpenCNAM quite a bit but when I try to configure it and run a test, I am getting this error:

Starting scheme Default
Executing OpenCNAM
Searching OpenCNAM …
{“error”:{“type”:“Whoops\Exception\ErrorException”,“message”:“Undefined index: Account_SID”,“file”:"/var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/sources/source-OpenCNAM.module",“line”:28}}

similar errors seem to happen on other lookup sources, so I don’t think this is specific to OpenCNAM.

Using just the TelcoData source works fine if that helps narrow down where the issue might be…

Any ideas? As far as I can tell, this is the only module that seems to be having problems, and I am inclined to think it may be DB related but it is just a guess.


disable the opencnam source or add account information. This module needs a bit of cleanup on the sources.

feel free to file a bug report to at

I actually do have a pro account with OpenCNAM and my credentials were already entered, but they seem to be completely ignored - its the same behavior with and without the creds…