CallerID Superfecta. - FreePBX 2.10?

Hi all,
Just about to ‘go live’ with new freepbx system. I have working trunks,routes, extensions…etc
I really want callerid lookup, and got very excited reading about CallerID Superfecta.
But as I read on I got afraid. Development seems to be fragmenting. Forks are appearing. Repos seem to be changing…

Mainly I am afraid of breaking my newly made FreePBX with a bad module.

Is anyone using CallerID Superfecta 2.x with FreePBX 2.10. and Asterisk 1.8.x. ? can you point me to the correct download source?

Also, it seems very US centric - are there effective data sources for Australia?

Does it noticeably affect performance?

Should I do it? Am I being scared for no reason?

Don’t be afraid.

CID Superfecta used to be hosted at the old site until the site admin abandoned it. It was moved a year ago and is now hosted on Github, all development on the old site has stopped, but unfortunately the site is still up which creates a bit of confusion. To further muddy the water, there has been a recent reorganization of projects on Github, so the current and hopefully last home of Superfecta is at the PBX Open Source Software Alliance (POSSA) and can be followed here:

Development on this module continues slowly but steadily. The latest version is 2.2.5 beta1 and works fine with FreePBX 2.10. Do not be afraid of the beta label, it was released as beta about a year ago with no reported bugs the module number was never updated. Every PBX in a Flash system comes with Superfecta pre-installed. You can read some more in this thread:

There are indeed a lot of US lookup sources, but there are many sources for the rest of the world. About 1.5 years ago an Australian user put up a bounty for AU sources and there were 5 or 6 created at that time, I do not know if they have all been maintained but if you run into issues with anything, help can be found in the PIAF thread above or at github:

Latest version of the module can be downloaded found here:

Great, I will give it a go. I would not have been game to run the beta version…but I will plunge in the deep end.

Thank-you very much for your help.

I have installed the module, and, with great assistance from lgaetz, have it really humming for Australian numbers - particularly business numbers.

A big wrap for both the product, and the community support, which is fantastic.

Links are as above in lgaetz’s post.


I’m not trying to highjack this thread but I am unsuccessful in getting the callerid to work. I installed the CallerID Superfecta Version 3.0.1alpha1 on FreePBX, everything seemed to install just fine and I can even debug a Phone Number in the format +1XXXXXXXXXX and get the phone numbers information but the callerid will not appear on our sip phones. I also activated the Enable CID Superfecta on the Inbound Route. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any help is always appreciated!

alpha1 is a long way from prime time, uninstall it and install 2.2.5beta1 then check into this thread:

so you know what to expect when using it with FreePBX 2.10

Thank you for you reply! I installed 2.2.5beta1 and still can not get caller id to show up on our X-Lite softphones. I set the CID Lookup Source on the Inbound Route to Caller ID Superfecta but still no success. I can still debug the number as +1XXXXXXXXXX and it returns the correct name. Do I need to route the Inbound Route with CID Lookup Source activated to something else in FreePBX to properly format the CallerID?

It sounds like you have it configured properly. If you have multiple inbound routes, make sure that you have enabled Superfecta lookup in the correct one. Make sure that you are debugging numbers exactly as they are delivered by your trunk. Is the CNAM showing up properly in the CDR, perhaps this is an issue with X-Lite?

Here is an old checklist that may help you narrow down a problem:

My suggestion is for you to watch your Asterisk logs as you receive an indial, and look at exactly what it reports as the number received.
I did this a few weeks ago, so memory a little hazy, but I recall that what asterisk logged as the incoming phone number was a little different than what I was expecting - for instance, leading zeros in area codes etc being stripped. I also have an idea that this was different depending upon the trunk the call comes in on - ie, my SIP provider strips the leading zero, while my Dahdi trunk strips the whole area code… something like that. I am sure it is different wherever in the world you are, and depends I think on your provider. So, basically, as Lgaetz suggested, check the numbers being delivered by your trunk are exactly as you are expecting.
For Australian Numbers, I found I had to include these rules in the CID Rules for my Superfecta Setup:
07+XXXXXXXX (this last one is because 07 is the local area code where I am. Anyone in my ‘local area’ (1.8 Million Square Kilometres!) does not have to dial the 07. This rule puts 07 back onto a number if has been dialled without an area code)


Thank you everyone for the help!! The Caller ID Superfecta 2.2.5beta1 is working really well (as of right now) with FreePBX FreePBX Apparently a lot of the numbers that were coming in were cell phone numbers and from what I can tell there is not really a caller id lookup source for those types of numbers? Also, would you suggest upgrading to Caller ID Superfecta 3 when it is in Beta stages? Thanks again!

Since you are running FreePBX 2.10, there are are number of GUI quirks that will be fixed in ver. 3.x. For users not running 2.10, there will probably be no compelling reason to upgrade. I would watch for a stable beta to emerge and check the dev site for any outstanding issues, then make the decision. At the pace the development is going, this may be months from now. Also keep in mind that individual lookup sources are not compatible between module versions, so at first Superfecta 3.x may not have as many sources as 2.x now enjoys. At the time of this writing, only about half of the sources have been migrated.

Thanks for the info and help! Everything is still working great on my end!! Love FreePBX and Caller ID Superfecta!!