CallerID Name missing since last module upgrade


We are using a FreePBX to face all outgoing and incomming calls from our ITSP. Behind that FreePBX node, we are managing end users PBXs , others Freepbx and closed code IP PBX.

Last week, I upgraded two modules as requested by the FreePBX dashboard, saying that these modules had some critical security issues:

core (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. 14.0.29 to fix security issues: SEC-2022-001
voicemail (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. 14.0.7 to fix security issues: SEC-2022-001

So, I did the module upgrades.

Since, FreePBX is not passing the CallerId name anymore.
Doesn’t matter if it’s an outbound call (passing through the outbound routes module) or an inbound call, callerid Name is simply missing. I checked to make sure that our ITSP was still sending us the callerId name portion, and yes it is still there. But when these inbound calls are sent to the others PBXs trunks, Freepbx is now stripping the caller id name portion.

Same for outbound calls, the callerid name is present in the FROM SIP header comming from downstream PBX but is now missing from the outgoing call to our ITSP.

Comming form one of our downstream PBX received by FreePBX
From: “Mark Inc.” sip:[email protected]:5060

Sent to the ITSP by the same FreePBX
From: sip:[email protected]:5060

Anyone experienced the same ?
There is another post from last month Change In Core for Outbound Caller ID seems the same issue.

I enabled the Edge mode but there still is no new update for these modules.

What else can be done ?


I rolled back to Core Module release and the callerId Name is now back in service.

Tried the upgrade once again to 14.0.29 - caller id Name vanished.

Rolled back again to and it’s now back in service.

I’ll keep running with for a while now.

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