CallerID Name is "Accatel Inc" outbound, how to change it?

Hello, new user here. I apologize in advance if I goof on my new post, my newbiness, and for any delay responses(I think the system will not allow me to comment/reply too often, eg. every 15hrs or so i believe?). If this question is related to a different category, mods/admins please move it if possible to the appropriate category.

Anyways, I tried searching the forum for my question but couldnt find similar question. After voip,ms rejected my new account I decided to look into freepbx/asterisk. I have a new install of asterisk 18 on a Ubuntu 22 LTS (on Digital Ocean) droplet, 1vcpu, 1gb ram, 10gb - basically their second to lowest tier. I m just planning on running 1-2 extensions fyi. Signed up with callcentric and got a new number, DID. No freepbx gui. I configured both pjsip.conf and extensions.conf files per the guide on callcentric website. For testing, i installed zopier5 on my local machine and everything, for now, is working. I can dial TO the callcentric new number, and I can dial FROM the zopier5 program on my local machine to my cell phone and both work. However, when I dial FROM zopier5 to my cell phone, the callerid name is “Accatel Inc” but the number is correct. I checked callcentric FAQ page but the only reference steps they have for callerid is how to change the number callerid but not the name. I havent reached out to them to ask them this same question/issue but I thought Id try you guys first.

Please let me know if this is a setting/configuration on asterisk 18 i need to change or if this is another service i need to acquire from callcentric(why do they all nickle and dime you?). Also, if possible, I would like to not install freepbx since I have the second to lowest spec droplet but if freepbx gui is absolutely required and you all recommend it, then I’ll probably have to pay up and get the necessary spec droplet.

BTW, Thanks for this great community for ‘guiding’ me(from reading a ton of guides and reading peoples issues/solutions) that allowed me to complete the setup. appreciation emoji

Got it. Thanks!

I did see those before but wasnt sure. I did change the cname about either before or during the configuration of asterisk and the disclaimer from callcentric is that “it may take several weeks” for the changes to take effect - and also that it depends on the service provider ‘pulling’ the records from either ‘live’ records or cached records(which callcentric does not have any control of). Will wait and see i guess.

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