CallerID Management Application

Why I do not see and cannot find the CallerID Management option under application tab?
Please help.

Version running => FreePBX

Is the module installed?

i dont even find this module at all in the module admin section. is it paid commercial or this version does have something else?

Sangoma Technologies Corporation
Packaged (Released): 08/16/20
License: Commercial
Signature Status: Unknown (What Does this Mean?)
Description: COMMERCIAL MODULE REQUIRES A LICENSE FOR IT TO FUNCTION.The CallerID Management module is a unique way to modify the caller ID that is outpulsed on the fly. By dialing a simple feature code you can change the Caller ID for the next call on your extension. Optionally you can also specify the Persistent field, If this is checked the CID is permanently changed for all future calls for your extension until another feature code is entered to change it
More info: Get help for CallerID Managment
Missing Requirements: * PHP Component Zend Guard Loader is required but missing from you PHP installation.

  • Module System Admin is required, yours is not installed

what is your OS ?

uname -a

I installed the stock Freepbx ISO. Do i need to purchase a license for this caller id management module?

apparently if you want to use it.

Actually no.

You can install any module without licensing it.
Edit: On a distro install as the OP says he is using

You cannot use it, but you can install it. Installing it creates the DB entires and anything else it needs. Even without a license.

I assume you are looking for this based on the restore error you had? Or am I mixing up posts?

If you cannot see a commercial module from the GUI, you likely did not enable the commercial repo.

if that still does not work, install it from the command line

fwconsole ma -R commercial downloadinstall callerid
fwconsole reload

I edited my post to better answer the OP.

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