CallerID Lookup Source

Hello everbody!
I’m new to asterisk and i have a strange problem.
I have made from FreePBX successfull below procedures:

  1. Add Trunk ( context=from-trunk )
  2. Add Extension
  3. Add Queue with Radio Streaming music
  4. Outbound Route
  5. Inbound Route

My problem is when i try to make work the "CallerID Lookup Source"
I have choosen type HTTP
Host: ip
Path: /file.php
Query: q=[NUMBER] ( I was try with ? … ?q=[NUMBER] ).

Also i was added on Inbound Route the spesific CallerID.

When i try to enter with browser on url
http://ip:80/file.php?q=xxxxx ( xxxx=any number)
returns me the Name of this number.

the only i echo on php script is the name. No like “FULLNAME (PHONE)”. Just: echo $name;

I enter an extra code, that when i call this script i insert a record on log.
Then when i call script with browser i write on db:
“User from %ip% searched for number %num%”.
From the browser all ok.
When i try to call the number (From external phone … physical landline), php script doesn’t put anything on log. Never called from asterisk.

Finally i was try to change the context on trunk from: “from-trunk” to: “cidlookup” but i get busytone without success call.

If you want any extra information please tell me the command to give you the results because i’m new on asterisk.

Thanks for any help!

Noone can help me?

I can’t speak for everyone what your post makes no sense to me.

I didn’t really follow what you were doing either… Here is a link to the admin guide for the Caller ID Lookup module outside of that not sure really how to assist you.