CallerID lookup of the party I'm calling

This may not make any sense, but I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to lookup the name of someone receiving a call from my PBX. The main reason for this is that I use FOP2 to provide real-time information about who is speaking to who. The problem is that the name of the external caller in our contacts list does not show up on the FOP2 dashboard. For an inbound call, the dashboard will indicate the names of both the internal extension and the name of the external caller (if they are in the contacts database). But an outbound call only shows the internal extension and the number of the external party. I could be wrong, but I think the problem may be resolved if I can somehow route outbound calls through our CID Superfecta scheme.

Now, I know that FOP2 has their own forum, but those of you familiar with it probably know getting answers over there can be difficult. That’s why I turned here for advice. I appreciate any help/suggestions.

This module is a quick-and-dirty proof of concept I wrote years ago and is still works:

It allows you to do Superfecta lookups on outbound calls, push the name to endpoints and record in CDR.


That’s a really nifty module. Thanks for sharing. I can confirm that it works on FreePBX 15, contrary to one of the issue reports on github. However, this doesn’t completely solve the problem in FOP2 like I hoped it would.

Like in the past, when I dial a number, FOP2 only shows the number. However, if I transfer this call to another extension when this module is enabled, the cnam data for the external party is displayed like desired. Whereas prior to installing this module, a transfer wouldn’t cause the name to be displayed (because it was never looked up). Is it possible that FOP2 is grabbing the data prior to when the superfecta lookup is occurring? Is there a way to put the lookup earlier in the dialing process?

At this point you need someone familiar with FOP2 and that ain’t me. It’s possible (likely even) that its a limitation of FOP2.

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