CallerID Lookup Module No Longer Passing Default Caller ID Through

If an unknown Number is calling, the CallerID Lookup (Type MySql) is giving out the string “Unknown” instead of the actual Phonenumber (or whatever comes from the trunk).

Since 16.0.13 the Bug which was corrected in 16.0.12 and also discussed in this forum is again there (16.0.15).

Bugfix is to comment-out or delete “$name = _(“Unknown”);” in the “agi-bin/cidlookup_mysql.agi”.

Currently it is not possible for me to access issues.freepbx .org (Forbidden). Neither can I fill an Issue on Github (Link to the Developer Agreement doesn’t lead to Link to Agreement).

I know became aware of the fact that the move to github is happening at the moment and therefore not everything is productive yet:
Read here for more Infos:

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