CallerID incoming caller name prepended with our name

Our callerID will often come in with our school’s name prepended to the incoming callers name (“Northwood SchoolsRxxx Wxxxxxxxx” <1201xxxxxxx>.

There isn’t anything I can see that would apply the text. There’s nothing in set CallerID, I don’t see anything is a log file…it’s not being applied at the trunking service and it’s not prepended in FreePBXs Incoming Routes module. Worst of all…it doesn’t happen on every call.

The issue is annoying, because at a phone endpoint, Northwood Schools occludes the callerID name.

We’ll need the output of the full log file of an incoming call where you see that caller ID listed to be able to tell if it’s something that’s coming in from the trunking provider or if it’s something that gets set inside the phone system at some point.

New guy…where do I find that logfile?

You’ll need to look at the log files or the Asterisk CLI just prior to the incoming call so that you can provide the complete output of the logs.

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