CallerID doesn't show

I have a FXO device called Welltech 3804, i adjusted it to detect the caller ID and change the caller id of the trunk to the detected one, but Asterisk refused the connection although that i allowed SIP guests in Asterisk SIP settings, and allowed Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls in General SIP settings, here is the Asterisk log:

[Mar 10 13:48:00] WARNING[2872] chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have <883>, digest has <>
[Mar 10 13:48:00] NOTICE[2872] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate user "0238379766"sip:[email protected];tag=c0a8010b-13c4-14e-522d8-3408

can anyone help how to make asterisk accept this.

Sounds like the SIP phones’s extension/secret doesn’t match Asterisk’s extension/secret. Usually the extension is a number and then you make a SIP alias for a name.