CallerID & Answering extension to serial port

Hi, I need some help with modifying extensions.conf

I have a call centre application that uses CallerID and answering extension number to screen-pop a clients details to the appropriate screen when they call in.

This information is accepted via a serial port on the server.

I can get things onto /dev/ttyS0 fine.

I think I can use some thing like this

System(echo ${CALLERIDNUM} > /dev/ttyS0)

But don’d know where to put it in extensions.conf

Can anyone help?

that’s really going to depend on the specifics of your setup. You can always make the trunk go to a custom context and do what you need there before sending the call back down the normal call flow path. Also, you will want to get your syntax correct (it’s not) and do it in such a way that it does not get tramped on if you need to apply any freepbx patches.

If you need some professional services help on this from the freepbx team, you can pm me here and arrangments could be made.