Caller position announcement not working correctly?


I have a weird problem here:

I have a queue with multiple agents and the call position announcment is enabled. (The one that says "You are caller number (1,2). This works fine but the call centre happens to be in the Netherlands and I need this in Dutch. I changed the inbound route language to Dutch and low and behold I do get a Dutch message being played but (according to my Dutch colleagues and my limited knowledge of the language) it says “Press 1 to continue”. (Nothing happens if you press 1).

So my dilema is why is it not playing the Dutch version of the “Your call is next in line and will be answered by the next available representative”

Incidentally when I look at the logs in both instances (selecting English or Dutch) the system plays the files…

queue-youarenext.alaw from /var/lib/sounds/en


queue-youarenext.alaw from var/lib/sounds/nl

What is going on here?!

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps the queue-youarenext.alaw recording is incorrect? Can someone record the correct statement? If you could get the correct recording, you could override the existing file by saving with the same file name (queue-youarenext.alaw). This would allow the existing logic to continue to work, but the correct recoding to be played.

Checking through the logs should tell you exactly how this is happening and help us suggest a solution. Post your logs to the forum’s pastebin and you should be able exactly which files are getting played back.

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