Caller in Queue hears MOH and announcements play without MOH stopping

When I place caller in Queue, MOH plays as expected. When the announce position plays (or any other annoucement) the MOH still plays during those announcements. The caller is very unlikely to hear the announcements while the MOH plays at the same time. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.



Not normal behaviour.

Whose music on hold are you hearing (there could be problems with direct media if the downstream system sends music on hold).

Thanks for the reply david55.

I have uploaded MP3 files for use with MOH and assigned a name of “worksafe”. I have however tried the MOH “default” which is the standard FPBX files that come pre-installed.

Thanks for direction.


[SOLVED] i figured it out with the help of Sangoma support.

If your using the Queue Callbacks commercial module, you must set “Handle Queue Announcements” to no. If it’s set to yes, then announcements are handled by the Queue Call Back module, but the MOH is handled by the Queues module which will overlap. If set to no, then the Queus module handles all announcements and music.

There is a drawback to doing this. When set to yes, the caller that has accepted a queue callback will hear their correct queue position (if that is selected to be played) because announcements are handled by the Queue Call Back module. When set to no, the caller will hear their respective queue position based not on their callback position but their position within the queue itself. This will result in a person who is waiting for a queue agent as the first in line (based on the callback position) but might here an announcement telling them that their position is much further down in the queue (i.e. “you are caller 8 in line”) which would be inaccurate and might get the caller to think they have to wait longer then they do and likely would terminate the call.

Thanks for everyone’s help!


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