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Hello, i have a problem and i think i know partially the solution but i hope i will hear and some other ways to do it

The problem is that i have a extension which i want to switch the outbound caller id on the fly via my Zoiper app but when i try to send the caller id which i want via the “Accounts–> Server —> Optional —> Caller id” i can see that the freepbx doesn’t recognize that i try to send him the Caller ID nowhere in the logs…i tried via wireshark and i can see that indeed the caller id which i want is send but itsn’t parsed i suppose as it needed cause i cant find it nowhere in the CDR report + also nowhere in the logs(Log files or “asterisk -rvvvvvvv”

So i tried changing Send RPID/PAI option on Extension + Trunk but nothing seems to change about it

and i am thinking that with a custom dialplan might be able to work but i dont know how to do it to speficy that i want this number as outbound caller id

i will attach a image of the wireshark to see that it does detect the number

anyone to help?

Thanks a lot!

You could create a custom dialplan hook. It would extract the display name from the calling channel. If it began with a +, it would set the outbound caller ID accordingly. See

However, what you are asking seems very strange, because you would need to change account settings whenever you wanted a different caller ID. If you are making calls on behalf of two or more persons, departments or organizations, there are much easier ways to handle it. The two most common are having an extension for each (you select the appropriate account before calling), or having a dial prefix for each (you dial the appropriate digit before the called number).

If neither of the above meet your requirements, please describe your application in more detail.

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can you help me make the custom diaplan to give it a try like so?

thanks a lot guys

If I thought it could be generally useful, I’d give it a shot, but what you’re asking for seems very strange.

If it’s part of your normal workflow, there is surely a better way to do it (more convenient for the user, less error prone, etc.)

If it’s just for testing, troubleshooting, etc., you could set Outbound CID for your extension to whatever you like, which is no more difficult than editing the Zoiper config.

So please explain your application.

At some point someone found it useful :slight_smile:

This is literally already a module

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you could do this with outbound routes and patterns too…

994805551212 caller id A
884805551212 caller id B
774805551212 caller id C

No module or dialplan required

Sure, but I don’t see how changing caller ID by editing the softphone configuration could be generally useful, which is what the OP seems to be requesting.

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