Caller ID webhook on Incoming Calls

I’m trying to get the caller ID and destination extension for incoming calls to be sent as a webhook to my discord channel.

I have tried the following code in my extension configuration file which has done nothing.

same => n,Set(DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL = <my_webhook_url>)
same => n,Set(INBOUND_CALL_MSG = Inbound call from ${CALLERID(NUM)} to DID ${EXTEN})
same => n,System(curl -H "Content-Type: applicat

And the Asterisk log shows?

Please stick to one forum. And please provide useful information, like complete logs and configuration files.

Please explain why this is relevant to FreePBX at all. The answer will probably determine whether this should be handled in the Asterisk or the FreePBX forum.

If it really does nothing, that is because it is never executed, which would be the fault of the code you haven’t included.

Unless you need to define curlopts, you should be able to do this entirely using CID Superfecta and the Send to URL module.

I’m sorry. I’m new to FreePBX and asterisk. I wasn’t sure if this was related to asterisk, or just FreePBX. Which is why I posted in both communities.

When I checked the FreePBX Asterisk logs, I didn’t see anything showing my code executed.

Where do I find this module? Edit: found it under the admin tab.

Thank you.

Logs show the webhook is executed but I never receive the webhook.

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