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A couple of days ago, calls started to come in with the caller ID prepended with a [V]. This has never happened before.

It’s not every call and I can’t verify if it’s only calls from a PSTN network specifically.

Anyone see this before?

CDR clid syntax Question
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Perhaps it is this…

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However, it seems to conflict with this:

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A call trace will confirm if the V comes from your provider.
If so, then it’s a question to your provider.

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So, you are saying is there no merit to [V] indicating a verified number, as a new implementation for reducing telemarketing? That’s what this post is about. Not troubleshooting. I thought a community of thousands would have either experienced this or not.

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You need to verify with your provider what the [V] is for. We cannot do that for you.

That being said, I have seen it on legitimate caller IDs and I believe it is in response to the STIR/SHAKEN stuff.

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