Caller ID Superfecta - Who Called - broken

From the debug:

Searching Who Called for number of user reports …
Orignal Raw Returned Data:

< html>
< head>301 Moved Permanently
< body bgcolor=“white”>
< center>< h1>301 Moved Permanently
< hr>nginx/1.8.0
< /body>
< /html>

Which data sources are you using in this superfecta scheme?

Put another way:

  • On the freepbx webpage, admin->superfecta CID
  • Top right click on the scheme you are using
  • Which of the data sources in the thrid column have up or down triangles to the left of their name?

I am talking about - thats the debug response from that.

A bit out of my depth, but that looks like a DNS change issue. If you flush any DNS cache on the freepbx box (not my specialist area, sorry), does it start to work again?

To me a 302 looks like a link changed.

Who does the maintenance on this extension? Where would I report this?

Items submitted to will work or will work as well for this specific module.

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Did a bit of hunting. The error is 301 (and I can reproduce it). According, 301 is “Moved permanently”.

Solution appears to be to change the http requests to https. Pull reuqest with change created:


Can someone test Neil’s fix please. I seem to have lost my whocalled credentials.

Never mind, credentials are optional.

This correction doesn’t seem to have merged correctly into release/13.0 - both the live to systems superfecta version and release/13.0 have the old (non-https) code, so currently systems have a non-working version of this.

this was fixed in 13 first… may have been an odd merge… I will take a look.

They are both https in

For some reason those links fail when I click them, but I take your point. Weird, must be a failure at my end. However, it is not https in: