Caller ID Superfecta Cisco Phone Name not displaying

Hello -

I installed Superfecta and put a number and name in my Asterisk Caller ID phonebook. I enabled Superfecta on my inbound route and verified using the Superfecta Debug Tool that the name is coming up.

I have a Cisco SPA504g phone and when I make an inbound call the display on the phone reports the name “Wireless Caller” (with the phone number) instead of the name in the Asterisk Phonebook.

Is there a setting on the Cisco phone that is necessary to get the Caller ID name from Asterisk?


Superfecta version? Is it possible that “Wireless Caller” is being provided by the trunk and in Superfecta that you have trunk provided ordered at a higher priority than Asterisk Phone book?

Thanks for replying.

Superfecta version is 2.11.6.

I have Asterisk phonebook at the top in Superfecta and have disabled Trunk provided.

I think maybe the phone is querying its own directory?

Possible. Is Caller ID Name showing up properly in the CDR? In the Inbound Route config, make sure that Caller ID Superfecta is enabled with scheme ALL and also make sure the Caller ID Lookup Source is set to none.

I changed the superfecta on Inbound to ALL. I had it set to default. This didn’t appear to resolve the issue.

The CDR reports “Wireless Caller” so I am guessing that means the Caller ID name is not making it into the system and that it is not a phone issue?

Thanks again for your help.

I can’t think of anything else. Provide a pastebin link to the sanitized log output from an inbound call.

I got it working… Thanks. I created a new Superfecta profile and set just the Asterisk Phonebook on it. I’ll have to enable other sources and see if any of them break it. Thanks again for your help.