Caller ID shows (Available) on some internal calls

We are running into an !issue where users are complaining that when calling some extensions internally, they see an (Available) tag after the Extension Name in the CID while it’s ringing. (I know, real show stopper.)

I’ve only seen this referenced in one other unanswered thread here.

I have searched high and low on what would be causing this. I cannot find any feature or setting that enables or disables this tag. The weird thing is it isn’t tied to DND, or if someone is on an active call. If someone is in a call (what I would imagine as “unavailable”) it still shows (Available) in the Internal CID.

Other weird thing is some extensions don’t have this tag and those extensions are identical in settings.

Has Tag,

No Tag,


  • Extensions are identical in their settings and configurations.
  • We don’t use UCP, (Though I found the thread about changing Presence Statuses in UCP.
  • Tried deleting the Presence State Module but that doesn’t change anything.
  • We are using yealink T54W, and also softphone software ( and cloudsoftphone)
  • Version: FreePBX 15.0.37
  • I’m sorry I don’t know when it started (Try to stay up to date on updates and things, but users just started complaining recently) Nothing relevant that I can think of has changed

I added an account in UCP for an affected user and was able to change the status to the different ones listed, but haven’t found a way to not show it at all which is what we’re aiming for.

Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

Dicko, I know you’re reading this. You’ve saved my life before, here’s to you magically(through years of dedication and talent) knowing the answer :wink:

I don’t think this is a FreePBX setting. This feels like something the Yealink phones are doing and I would look there for a possible answer to this.

Have you actually checked the caller ID settings in the extension and made sure it’s not set to “Alec (Available)”?

Definitely a FPBX setting. Because when I adjust the Available settings in the FPBX Presence state in the User Dashboard, it changes it reliably for the user. This also shows up in the softphones we use and other devices when tested. Not just yealink phones

I appreciate the sentiment, and it totally is a possibility that someone in theory could forget this, but yes, the name of the extension and CID does not actually contain “(Available)” nor would I have ever set that and then asked this question. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It occurs on about half our extensions.

It’s definitely related to the Presence State function, I just don’t know how it got enabled and why for some users but not others, and how to completely turn it off.

Here are some examples of how I can change the Presence State through the user module (Note that we didn’t have the User Dashboard turned on before this issue arose, I had to create the user for testing) And disabling the user module and/or presence state module does not remove the presence state.

Ha, ok all fair!

I am going to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on any of the hardware/soft phones that we’ve ever put in. Based on that I am assuming here that this is some sort of Yealink functionality and I don’t have much experience with that. Maybe check the Web GUI of the phones and see if there is an option in the phone that pulls extension state on an incoming internal call to present as part of the CID and see if there is a way to disable it on the individual phones?

Thanks for your recommendations. As stated, it shows up on other devices as well including softphones and Cisco’s. It definitely is FPBX function (as we can literally change the tag in FPBX). And it only shows when ringing the device, not when connected.

And while searching for another link to explain it further, I found the solution.

Found the solution thanks to an old thread:

The setting is under Settings> Advanced Settings > Display Presence State of Callee
Set that to NO.


CID says Available
Presence State

Learned something new today, thanks for sharing.

However, the endpoint device needs to be able to support the functionality as well:

“When set to true and when CONNECTEDLINE() capabilities are configured and supported by your handset, the name displayed will include the presence state of the callee.”

We must have not seen it before because the devices that we’ve been putting in don’t… or nobody every complained about it so we never had to look into this.

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