Caller ID set from ARI shows for caller but not to callee

We’re trying to set a custom caller ID using the Asterisk Rest Interface (ARI). When we place the call, our internal softphone sees the call as coming from the custom caller ID, but the receiving end on PSTN only sees the default caller ID set for our Outbound Route.

If we set a customer caller ID using a feature code from the Caller ID paid module, it works fine. Are we doing something wrong here? Here’s the ARI page and our softphone receiving the call.

This is the receiving phone:

Yes you are doing something wrong, you’ve got the same context for context and endpoint. This is a bug in your design.

See my response here to you:

I am giving you (literally) the context strings from our Commercial Application Zulu and our Commercial Module Conferences Pro.

Please follow my advice:

endpoint: “local/1703@originate-aa”
context: “from-internal”

Oh, I took that from an older screenshot. But just now I set it exactly as you specified, but it still isn’t sending the caller ID out to the callee.

For that matter, it also isn’t honoring any custom channel string we try to set; if I do the command “rasterisk -rx ‘pjsip show channelstats’” it shows that it just generates the channel with the usual scheme.

Here’s what I’m entering currently:

So we’re using the right endpoint and context, but when I initiate the call, it shows whatever I put as caller ID to our agent’s phone, but the receiving phone gets the caller ID set by the FreePBX outbound route.

You cant have the device send the Caller ID. FreePBX will always ignore that and replace whats in the extension DB for that user. This is for safety measures.

Well, it would be the ARI sending the Caller ID, and not really the device (essentially Asterisk generates a channel, calls both ends and patches them through), would that change anything?

Is it FreePBX that is overriding the channelID string as well?