Caller ID Prefix on Calls Returned from Ring Group

Our different departments are set up in dual/stacked Ring Group configurations. If there is no answer after ringing the first ring group for 15 seconds, the call gets sent to a secondary ring group that includes more phones. (Done this way to avoid bothering managers as much as possible.) If there is still no answer, the call gets sent up to the operator ring group.

Each ring group is set to have the Caller ID prefix set to a specific value, basically a shortened version of the department name. (Svc1 and Svc2 for the primary & secondary service ring groups for example.) If an operator transfers a call to one of the departmental ring groups and that call is not answered, when it bounces back to the operator there is no indication that the call was returned rather than a new call.

I’m guessing I am misinterpreting what the caller ID prefix setting in the ring group does, but can’t find anything else that might be able to indicate to the operator that an incoming call has already been sent to a department & returned unanswered. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do to accomplish this? (Basically, be able to prepend Svc2: to a call being sent to the operator ring group from the service ring group?)

For the benefit of those who may find this thread in the future, I found a workaround.

I created a new ring group for each department that has all the operator phones in it. Each department’s secondary ring group is now set to forward calls to this ‘return ring group’. In the caller ID prefix field for each of these return ring groups, I set ’ Rtn:’ (for example Svc Rtn:). Each of these new ring groups, if calls are not picked up by one of the operators, sends the call to our call flow handler and it behaves just like a normal incoming call.

It’s clunky and will require me to make changes to 8 ring groups instead of 1 should the operator extensions change (main + 1 for each department :frowning: ), but it at least accomplishes what we were looking for & makes the operators stop whining about it. :slight_smile:

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