Caller ID passed to ring groups, but gets lost using Time Conditions after hours. CDR shows number only

I have a situation with FreePBX m running

When incoming calls are routed to the Time condition, during office hours, the Caller ID shows correctly in the log and on the phones.

After hours, the time condition sends calls to a different IVR for nite time, but the log only shows the number at that point and no Caller ID name. I can’t figure out why. I can see the name being show in the CLI correctly, just not in the log.

Guessing here, but the callerID name might not be traversing the context being used because the variable is not inheriting from the parent channel. You could try adding a Set Caller ID entry after the inbound route, just using the CallerID(name) & (num) variables, but adding the inheritance prefix to them. If the process you used changed the channels, this might preserve the name.

Can you provide the log?

Try forcing answer on the Inbound route to your IVR

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