Caller ID Number - Inbound route

Hi all,
I can not understand how “Caller ID Number” parameters in Inbound routes works.
I setup an inbound route with “Any DID / 0277773333”. This route points to the extension 8001.
My expectation was that:

  • calls from 0277773333 directed to any number were directed to 8001
  • calls from a number different from 0277773333 were rejected

What happens is:

  • calls directed to 8001 from every number (equals and different to 0277773333) are accepted
  • calls directed to numbers different to 8001 are alwas rejected

Why I am wrong?
Who con explain me how “Caller ID Number” in Inbound route setting works?

Thanks you

Sorry, I missed to say I am using FreePBX 2.4

I have the same problem. Inbound Routes based on Caller ID Number does not work. It always get routed to default any DID/ any CID.

FreePBX development Team, please kindly look into this and help us.

I am using FreePBX Core

Please verify that the number you are testing for is EXACTLY how it is provided to you. Different providers can configure things slightly different. Some might provide that leading 0, others might not and that would make it different as the CID is a string and if the characters don’t match exactly then it will not.

As for inbound routes nothing is configured to reject per say. If you defined DID’s in an extension they will also become a part of the inbound routes so numbers calling those DID’s will get routed along with customized inbound routes you define. Only when nothing else in the system matches will it reject.

Without seeing everything that you have defined (other inbound routes, any extensions with DID’s, etc) we can’t easly help.

You need to check the “CID Priority Route box” otherwise the call will just follow the “anyDID” route if checked the call will use the CID for routing.

I too have the requirement to route calls based on CID information against a CRM (Sugar or vTiger). Example would be a client has his information in the CRM when calling they would be routed to the respective agent/extension covering the account matched to the CID. Any call not in the CRM but coming from say 214 (North TX)area code would go to extension XXX and a 903 (East TX)call would go to extenson YYY, etc. Where can I get detailed information around this topic please? This feature is very important to our moving forward with a Asterisk based solution and information is extreamly hard to find in various forums (Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix). Thanks in advance, Kevin. Please CC: [email protected]