Caller ID not working for all phones in a ring group?

System =
BX Firmware: 6.12.65-32
PBX Service Pack:
Current Version 6.12.65-32

I have a ring group, 850. Ring group 850 has four extensions in it. What I dial that ring group, two of the four extensions show the callerID correctly (caller ID prefix is set in the ring group). The other two extensions don’t show the prefix.

Same model of phones (yealink), same firmware, same templates on the phones.

Any thoughts?

If you call those two extensions directly does caller id work? Sounds like a phone issue.

Now with provisioning with templates. If a setting is not specified in the file, a local change can hang around forever.

Try defaulting the phones.

Yes, the caller ID shows correctly, it’s just not showing the ring group prefix. My next step is to default one of the phones and go from there…

So strange, factory reset on the phones solved it.

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