Caller ID Masking! Automated like the pros

Hey Guys,

      As some of you know theres a great service out there by and  Which allows you to call up to an auotmated system and input the number you want to call, and the number you'd like to have appear on the caller id.  It then calls  the number you specified, and with the spoofed caller id, and then connects you, I'm assuming that it then bridges the call. This would have many good uses for businesses. And it is legal as long as its not used for fraudulent purposes. And I know it can be done to a small degree with voip providers.  Now I know it only allows you to spoof the number which is fine.

  However my question is, is it possible to setup an automated system like this with freepbx ?  Because I'd like to make the same type of setup that they have, where the process is all automated.  

Would it be very hard?
Does anyone out there know of any modules out there that are pre-programmed to allow me to do something like this?
also what would be a good provider to use for this purpose along with FreePBX?

            Thanks for all your help and input!!

              - Nick

unfortunately most people who want to do this want to do it for ‘the wrong reasons.’ That only leads to our days being numbered before it is eventually made illegal. Therefore, FreePBX is not setup to easily do this. It can of course be done, but it is ‘up to the reader’ to figure it out on their own.


It would serve so many great purposes for business.  Could you point me to the right direction? Like do you know of any modules that would take care of most of the grunt and underlying work  for it to work.