Caller ID managment, anyway to prepend feature code in outbound route?

I’m just wondering if there is a way to prepend the feature code created by the caller ID management module in the outbound routes so that if a number is matched in the outbound route it uses the feature code to set the caller id.

For example I have in the caller id management module *200 which should set the callerid it 555-566-6565, I would only like the caller id to display this number when calling 456-789-0123. So in the outbound routes I attempted to add ( *200) [ ] | 5555666565 (Prepend *200), no prefix, match pattern 5555566565, then on the trunk I strip the prepend by adding the *200 to the prefix (eg no prepend, *200 in prefix, match pattern 5555566565). However this does not appear to work, the callerid set in for the extension or outbound route continues to display rather than the callerid I have set in the callerid management module. If I dial the code set in the module it does work as desired though. Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not possible?

Why would you do that. You can just set the Caller ID in the outbound route to be whatever you want.

But to answer your question no that wont work as the Caller ID with Caller ID management is set before the route is hit.