Caller ID lookup special tokens

Hi All, Happy 2020.
Cor not been here for a while, that’s gotta be a good thing.

Got a question about the callerid lookup function.

I have been using it for years with my own bit of PHP and MySQL database and all is fine for the most part.

However I have noticed that on a SIP to SIP connection, and others perhaps, where the originator is already pushing out a Name along with the number ie {“Hiddenvision” <020310101010>}
I do my lookup using the Special Token [NUMBER] and get the name from my customer DB as required but obviously if a NAME exists already then it seems pointless to replace it, even worse if I get a call from another office that have multiple extensions each pushing out their unique NAME along with the generic number I end up replacing it with the generic company name as per the lookup.

So simple question is there also a Special Token called [NAME] or something?
If so I can pass that to my PHP also and if it is not the same as the number and is not blank then I can simply return that so the Name I display is actually what the originator sent.

Make sense ???

Hope everyone is well and all systems green.


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