Caller ID Lookup sources not working

Hi Everyone, I’m Rem.

I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with our CID Lookup Source that is supposed to integrate with our CRM Software. I keep getting the Run around from the CRM software saying their systems and clients aren’t reporting any issues.

Here is the instruction the CRM vendor is saying to follow, I’ve tried a variety of variations

I’ve tested the query by manually entering a test number in the “NUMBER” field and it does post into the CRM software properly.

Proper integration is supposed to do the following;

  • popup dialogue box in chrome with the Clients Details (Existing Clients)
  • Tag all inbound calls with phones on clients file to communication log
  • Tag all outbound calls to the client’s phones on file in the communication log.

Get a full call trace and it should show the full URL that’s being generated for the API call

@lgaetz, I apologize for my lack of understanding but for a query using and using the debug see what API is being generated for that? or make the call in via a mobile number that is in the system and see what its registering as?

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