Caller ID from MS SQL Database?

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know of a way to use a MSSQL database as a caller ID lookup source?


CallerID Superfecta has a MS SQL module.

Are you referring to the SFDatabase module?
From what I understand it uses MSSQL PDO driver it used has been discontinued & is not compatible with the current PHP versions. The pdo-mssql packages doesn’t seem to be available in the repo either.

Not sure where you read that but it’s factually incorrect:

Also considering PDO has a driver for ODBC you can practically use ANY database with PHP PDO.

Hello Andrew,

That’s good to know.
It was in an old article I came across, but I wasn’t able to find much more information on the module, so assumed it was true.

In the SFDatabase module under DB Driver, it only lists mysql & sqlite. Is there another package I need to install?

Sorry, the module did exist once but was never migrated to the current version:

Hello Lorne,

Yes, I did find that one in my searches, but ignored it for that reason.