Caller-ID from IAX2

Our offices use common extensions, IE, mine is 217, someone at the other office has one that is 217 as well…

Instead of changing extensions (ie 217 to 317) I set up the IAX2 trunk with the dial pattern for 4|xxx on one end, and 3|xxx on the other end so things don’t get mixed up.

However… my problem is that when I call 4217 to get the other office, it looks like the guy at 217 is calling himself, or whoever else I call etc…

I’ve tried setting outbound CID on the trunk but the server seems to override any CID settings when it recieves the inbound IAX2 call.

don’t use overlapping extensions if you are integrating multiple branches - you are asking for nothing but problems.

So really no way to do it? Because we haven’t had any problems doing it yet besides this caller-id issue (although only 2 days of testing basic calling etc)

I am having this problem as well. We migrated from a Sipxecs system which interestingly enough does handle THIS case ok.

Can someone confirm that in fact extension numbers cannot be the same on both sides of an iax2 trunk otherwise CID is wrong?


Sipexecs is a proxy, Asterisk a back to back user agent, having the same extension but different connection on either end of a Trunk will be a bad thing, it’s like two folks having the same phone number, (try spoofing your cell phone number on your asterisk box and then calling your cell for fun, I hope you use a password on your vmail :wink: )

Hi Dicko, I get it - but it does work, except for the CID. Even though the extensions share the same number, I would expect there to be other contextual differences that would keep things sorted out. In this case if the receiving system left the CID alone it would work.

You should try setting the context of the tieline trunk to from-internal.

You should try setting the context of the tieline trunk to from-internal. And set the behavior also in the trunk as such

Hmm I think Dicko may be hitting the sauce tonight.

What he means is set the inbound context to “from-internal” That is still going to show the same extension CID, it will however eliminate the inbound-route.

You have two choices, use a SIP trunk with RPID turned or write a short custom context that changes the CID and the does a goto to from internal.

What I don’t understand is why the name is not coming through. Nothing is going to do a dip on the digits against the local extensions.

Do you have “inter-company route” checked, if not check it!