Caller ID displaying as 'device' for internal calls

I have installed an asterisk 10 with freePBX 2.9, everything is working okay except internal caller ID.
When I call to a internal phone I see device <183> as caller id.
From the command database show ampuser

/AMPUSER/183/cidname : Pinco Pallino
/AMPUSER/183/cidnum : 183

So, the caller id name is setup correctly in the db.
When we have some phones in other context (for example:default) rather then from-internal calls between these phones are working correcty.
Instead when the phones are in the same context (from-internal) the display
caller id is “device 183”.
When I set the callerid= “Pinco Pallino” <183> in the sip_additional.conf file the callerid is displayed correctly.


I got the same problem now, do you solved it?

It is a bug in the freepbx code of that version. Creating a new extension doesn’t actually change the callerid option in sip_additional.conf. You can edit the file manually and make your changes but if you change anything in the web interface the original value will be applied again.