Caller id between 2 freepbx servers

Hello All,

I have 2 freepbx servers in use and they use a pjsip trunk to connect to eachother, that part works good / great

pbx 1 is in location 1
pbx 2 at location 2

but am having problems with caller ID:
What i want to achieve is:

when pbx 1 calls to pbx 2, i would like the caller ID to be " location 1 : Extension name"
and in reverse also, so when pbx 2 calls to extensions on pbx 1 have it say “location 2 : Extension name”

Is this possible?

Thanks for the time reading / responding on this matter

For the incoming route on each PBX from the other PBX, use the CID Name Prefix field to add the location info:

Hi Kenn10,

Thanks for the response,

i should have added, that i am able to call between the pbx’s without inbound routes at the moment
so from extension to extension and to ring groups works fine,

(on both pbx’s i have outbound routes setup)

if i were to create an inbound route i would also need to set destinations … so the freedom of calling between extensions and ringgroups would then not be possible anymore?

Try creating a Custom Destination with Target set to
and Description set to
From Remote PBX

Then set the Destination of your Inbound Route to Custom Destinations → From Remote PBX

But be careful that your Inbound Route could not be matched by a (possibly malicious) external call.

A safer method is to set the Context of your remote PBX trunk to custom dialplan that modifies caller ID then goes to from-internal.

Hello Stewart1,

sound good, but how do i do this? does it involve editing code in cnf files or something?

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