Caller back to Queue

Hello everybody,

i set up successfully a freepbx.
we are using queues with ringgroups, no agent login.
sometimes a agent have to put the caller back to the ringgroup.

at the moment he is using blind transfer and typing hte queue number into the phone.

is there any other better solution?

thanks and regards

I’ve got a solution. its not perfect because the agent have to hangup himself.
i created a macro *111 which starts a call to the queue number.
all queues have the same structure of name for example “120 Customer XYZ”.
so i take the first 3 characters of CALLERID(name) and i’ve got the number of the queue.
The agent press the hotkey (*111) and the customer and agent hear ringing again.
now the agent have to hangup.


gabtelqueueblindtransfer => *111,peer/callee,Macro,gabtel-queue-blindtransfer


[macro-gabtel-queue-blindtransfer] exten => s,1,NoOp(Call will be transfered to ${CALLERID(name):0:3}) exten => s,n,Dial(LOCAL/${CALLERID(name):0:3}@from-internal)

i only want that the agent don’t have to hangup himself … any ideas?

thanks and regards