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I have been reading this forum and any article about Callcentric in an attempt to get outbound calling working. I just cannot figure it out. Its a very simple setup as its designed to iron out any wrinkles like this one before we transfer all of the business extensions over. For the moment, running freepbx version 16/Astrisk 18. One trunk, one did, one extension, one user, one phone, no IVR. About as simple as it gets. Inbound calling works fine. Outbound I get the all circuits are busy message. I have tried using ten digit numbers, 11 digits, hell even seven. I have tried having a from user and not having a from user in the trunk settings. I just dont know, and Im not spotting an error in the log. This trunk worked fine with 3CX. Here is a link to the log file. If anyone has any wisdom it would be appreciated. Lots of posts out there but so many are too outdated to be very useful with the current version of FreePBX.

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It appears that your From User and Auth username don’t match. For the main sub-account (extension 100), your trunk should have:

Username: 17778653049
Auth username: (leave blank)
From User: 17778653049
Secret: (matches what you entered for Phone password on the EDIT EXTENSION page for extension 100.

Also, I recommend that on the trunk Codecs tab, you enable only ulaw and alaw.

If you still have trouble, paste another log.

Dang… that worked. I guess i omitted that possibility. Thanks for the quick reply.


Not sure if it’s ok to ask here otherwise, in a seperate thread. Why do you recommand: ulaw and alaw only.

Since G722 is noticably better and well supported both on landlines as Cellphones. Is it just to avoid codec mismatch, and subsequent audio conversions?

Wow, landlines now support g722, I wasn’t aware of that.

Let me test that . . . . . No, not here anyway :wink:

For Callcentric, they don’t support any wideband codecs, except for calls between Callcentric customers. See .
I suppose if your business frequently calls or is called by companies using Callcentric, you could enable G.722. However, the transcoding will slightly degrade quality on other calls. Asterisk 20 has some logic to avoid this, but AFAIK it’s not yet supported properly in FreePBX.

Some other US trunking providers will interoperate wideband with other VoIP carriers, but support for wideband calls to/from mobiles is spotty to nonexistent.

In civilized countries such as Germany, wideband calls to/from mobiles work reliably, but most providers won’t transcode to G.722 for you; installing support for AMR in Asterisk is required.

I know of no country that offers wideband on analog landline connections. A few ISPs that bundle fixed-line VoIP service with internet do offer wideband, typically by providing cordless DECT phones that register to the base supplied by the ISP, often built in to their gateway. AFAIK, they don’t interoperate wideband with competing providers.

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