Callback on busy


Is there a way to implement such a feature because i didn’t find anything for freepbx?

  • I dial an extension
  • The extension is busy
  • I press a key
  • The extension isn’t busy anymore
  • My phone rings and i pickup
  • It calls the extension wich isn’t busy anymore

Thank you in advance for your help !

You might want to respond to this post: (and if you get a response at this late date, ask him to contribute his module using the ticket system at - maybe others could use it as well).

The lime green guys had a thread on this, but not much ever came of it:

The site isn’t much help either:

I suspect this feature may be falling out of favor because for so many lines nowadays, a busy signal is a thing of the past. In many cases a call will fail to voicemail, or fall over to some other answering arrangement.

Also, on outgoing calls via a SIP or IAX trunk, the only thing you can really determine easily is whether the call is “answered” or “not answered”. I don’t think that Asterisk offers any built in ability to listen for a busy signal, though I may well be wrong about that because I’ve really haven’t looked much into features that Asterisk might offer that are not accessible via the FreePBX interface.

Hey isn’t that the Parking Lot?

I haven’t tried it, because I don’t want to have it, because I like to take notes and breath between calls, but I found this:

When you answer a call and want to transfer that call, do the following:

  1. Dial ##70 - the call will be transferred to a park extension and the number
    will be announced to you. In this case it will be 71. After the announcement,
    you may hang up and dial the extension of the person you wish to transfer
    the call to and inform him to dial 71 to accept the call.
  2. While all this is happening, the caller will be listening to the music on hold.
  3. If for any reason the person refused to take the call, you then hang up and
    dial 71 to pick up the call back to you and speak to the caller making the
    usual excuses “I am afraid Mrs. Mundy, Mr. Mundy is busy with his secretary
    and his office door is being locked from the inside” :slight_smile: and the next time Mr.
    Mundy will always accept the calls from his wife.

I tested it this morning. I was wrong. I can create a Misc Destination that is the parking lot, and then call the number, and end up in the Parking Lot. But when the dialed line clears, I am left out in the Parking Lot. I could have the Destination for Orphaned Parked Calls set to one number, but that still doesn’t do what you want.

Sure seems like a kewl module that some real smart person could implement though. :slight_smile: