Callback module

I have installed the callback module for testing. Am I right that it does the following:

  • I call the freepbx from my mobile
  • Do something
  • I’m called back by the freepbx and a call is setup using the outbound caller id so a) my mobile bill does not run up and b) it seems as if I’m calling from the office

Is this correct? And what should be done on “Do something”? The system must know which number to call, right?

The workings of the module are not quite clear to me.

Have you read the wiki yet?

DI did, but left me with not knowing how to set things up. How does this module work? When I call from my mobile to a number on the freepbx, how does it know what connection to establish?

From the Wiki:

Generally you would point to the callback from an IVR or directly from an inbound route. Any module of your PBX can route the call to this destination.

Think I get it now. I call the FreePBX from my mobile, it recognises my number via inbound route => callback, hangs up and dials back and the connection is established between my mobile and the number I dialed.

But is it possible to establish a connection between my mobile and an external number via callback? That is what I thought this module was all about.

No. But after the callback, you can send the call to a DISA which will allow you to make an outbound call from the PBX.

DISA inda Hisa! Thisa is what I was looking for. Thanks.

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