Call Waiting when calling internal extensions

Hello. Just recently got new FreePBX server up and running. Is it possible to enable call waiting when calling between extensions?

Use case example: ext1 calls ext2, but ext2 is on the phone with ext3.

Is there an option so that ext2 hears a call waiting and can put call with ext 3 on hold while they answer the call with ext1 ?

Currently, in the above case, ext1 gets a voice recording message saying that ext2 is on the phone.

For call waiting to work, it must be enabled for the extension (Applications → Extensions → (edit desired extension) → Advanced. Under Extension Options, set Call Waiting to Enabled.

Also, it must be enabled on the device. That’s usually the default, but if it’s not working, check the device settings.

If both are enabled and it’s still not working, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call, including pjsip logger, at and post the link here.

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