Call Waiting tone played to both parties?

We just migrated to FreePBX from Elastix (both running v2.11 and asterisk 11) and we now have an odd situation where both parties hear the call waiting beep if one party receives call waiting. This was not previously the behavior, so I am wondering if this is a setting I missed somewhere.


Call waiting beep is generated by your phone/FXO and not Asterisk/FreePBX.

Please elaborate. We have no FXO ports, and no phone settings have changed. All that has changed is Asterisk/FreePBX.

This could be the equivalent of “echo”. Try turning down your phone gains

An interesting idea. Is there a utility I can use to analyze my incoming calls and see where the incoming calls are now and then compare once the gain settings have been changed? Or am I reduced to just changing settings via trial and error and seeing if it improves?