Call Waiting issues

I have 2 issues with Call waiting in trixbox.
We use Grandstream HT286 adapters and call waiting is enabled for all extensions.

  1. When a second call comes in, the line beeps and then goes to fast busy
    However I can still press “flash” and answer the second call or not answer
    and send the second call to voice mail
    My problem is the fast busy signal we hear during that time on the first call.

  2. If we answer the second call (by pressing “flash”) then trixbox will beep again after 10-20 seconds and not stop until we transfer back to the first line. 10-20 seconds later it will do this again or simply mute the call but all 3 calls remain connected. If I press “flash” again I can switch to the other call and back.

Any ideas how to deal with these 2 issues?

Thanks in advance.

It appears these settings in sip_custom.conf
were the problem


Any comments?

you must have put them there as the only thing FreePBX does with sip_custom.conf is read the file if it exists. It will not modify it, etc…

Since you are using trixbox and they have “forked” the FreePBX project you might want to consider seeing if they inserted those lines in the file if it was not you.

Yes. I did put them there on advice of the Asterisk book “Future of telephony”. Anyways I removed the lines but the problem continues and I would appreciate some help.

We still have the same issues.
The call waiting beep changes to fast busy tone
and once a caller is on hold there seems to be a timeout and the live call goes dead until we switch to the other line.

well at this point I can only recommend a few things. 1 verify that they are removed and reload asterisk. While the “Future of telephony” book is great is was written for those that want to learn about asterisk streight up. So going and applying things in that book most of the time will break things because FreePBX has already done all the normal work.

Next we have no idea about your real environment. You say trixbox but that is like saying I am having transportation issues. Do you know if I’m driving a car, truck, taking the subway, riding a bicycle? you need to provide details and in this case probably a call trace because we don’t know any versions of anything here. See for the kind of info we could use.

Please remember you know your system (and we don’t) as you have been playing with it. As you pointed out you have been editing files based on a non-FreePBX based book so we really don’t know what you have done, where and why which is probably the reason there are issues to begin with and we need those detailed along with the info I requested to give you any kind of good help.

concerning the settings:


Those should be set, they are done so automatically in sip_general_additional.conf. If I recall correctly, the key one is limitonpeers, if not set a lot of things will break wrt to properly sensing extension states. I can’t recall off hand if notifyringing and notifyhold are also related.

This is all relative to FreePBX 2.5 although I believe is the case in 2.4 as well.