Call Waiting doesn't do anything?

Asterisk 11.8.1
FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-5
Digium D40, D50 and D70 phones

I’m a bit perplexed with the call waiting functionality in FreePBX. If I’m on the line with a call and I dial my extension from another on the same pbx it goes right to voicemail without even ringing (as per the extension settings).

Is it possible to get the phone to ring a few times to give me the option to put the current call on hold and pick up the new call? I can’t imagine this isn’t possible but can’t figure out how to do it.

The other scenario is that if I put a current call on hold, all new calls coming in while that call is on hold get a busy and go right to voicemail. Again, shouldn’t I get at least a few rings?

Can you supply a call trace.

As @jfinstrom said please supply a call trace as this is misconfiguration on the client side. FreePBX allows call waiting and it works successfully (we use it in office)

hey guys, thanks for the offer of help. I do indeed have a problem on my test system but it may just be time to blow it away and re-install… Finally got to the production system location today and talked to the users. The call waiting is fine, it was an ID-10-T error. Despite having been show, the users weren’t selecting the new incoming call on the phone LCD before trying to pick it up.

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