Call transfer ringback / pullback

Hi All

I’m new to asterisk and freepbx. I have installed version Stable-3.211.63-10 of the freepbx distro and would like to know if the following two features are available:
(I’m not even sure these are the correct descriptions for the features!)

Call transfer ringback
I would like the call to automatically ringback to transferrer if not answered and not go to voicemail.

Call transfer pullback
I would like to be able to manual pullback the call after transferring it to an extension.

I’m sure this has been covered in the forums before, back I cannot seem to find a suitable answer.

Can this be done from the freepbx gui? or does one need to be a little more technical to get this to work?

You assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can use directed pickup and a BLF key for scenario 2

Scenario 1 is not implemented in Asterisk. You can use camp on as a half assed solution it is still not as good as the real deal.

I am not sure if you can do anything with the destinations at the end of the extension settings. If you set the busy destination back to the operator. Still not clean.